The Republic Media Network is India’s largest news network and one that is a wholly Editor-controlled company . Republic Media Network presently owns and operates India’s most watched broadcast news channels across 4 languages and India’s most cutting-edge digital news operation Republic Digital. Arnab Goswami is the Founder, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of the Republic Media Network.

With its strategic asset acquisition in September 2023,Republic Media Network is among the largest distributed broadcast news Networks in the country. The Network now reaches over 438 million across India in 2023. This staggering reach purely on broadcast television means that Republic Media Network now reaches 1 in every 3 Indians just on broadcast television. In addition, Republic Media Network on YouTube alone records 6 billion impressions per month, and a reach of over 130 million on Meta, which makes the Network’s pure reach on the digital-social-video medium among the most expansive.


Being the largest journalist-run and controlled news media operation in the world, Republic Media Network is founded on strong, unwavering, journalistic principles which guides its news operations across the broadcast and digital mediums.

Since its founding, Republic Media Network brought to its audiences its iconic style that puts the pursuit of the news above everything else. Republic Media Network is accountability driven. Republic Media Network is investigative-focussed. Republic Media Network is citizen-oriented. Republic Media Network has animpact-chasing DNA to every story.

Republic Media Network is a proudly nationalistic news Network from India that adopted the slogan of ‘Nation First’ at its launch in 2017.Republic’s brand of journalism has recorded history in terms of its acceptance by way of viewership and consumption across the broadcast and digital platforms.

In less than 7 years since launch, Republic’s total force, driven and led by India’s finest journalists, has now grown toover 2000 professionals across the length and breadth of India, and beyond its borders.


Republic Media Network’s digital vertical Republic Digital brings an unrivalled Nation First, News First, Tech First experience to every digital screen. Republic Digital extends the Network’s foundation of being a ‘technology-led news company’wherein the best in tech meets an unmatched content experience.

Republic Digital, rooted in the Network’s journalistic principles, delivers the fastest and highest quality content vis-a-vis text and video with the most cutting-edge technological backend. Ahead of the curve on latest technologies,user preferences, and consumption patterns,Republic Digital delivers the promise of a seamless, enriching and effective content experience across devices.

Republic Digital is a multi-lingual operation that presently is established in English, Hindi, Bangla and Kannada audiences. The swift expansion into the vernacular digital content space has strategically expanded the reach of Republic Digital assets, creating a news powerhouse online withworld-beating viewership numbers.

Republic Digital has achieved record viewership figures and an impact that is pound-for-pound higher than legacy Indian and global rivals. Lifetime impressions on YouTube for Republic Digital in English, Hindi and Bangla total an incredible 148 Billion, generating 14.2 Billion views.

On YouTube alone, Republic Digital’s English operation has recorded over 37 billion impressions and over 2.63 billion views. Republic Digital’s Hindi operation on YouTube has recorded over 99 billion impressions and over 10 billion views. Republic Digital’s Bangla operation on YouTube has recorded over 11.8 billion impressions and over 1.39 billion views.

Republic Digital’s rapidly growing global audience is unmatched with its global viewership outside India on YouTube breaching the 50% mark through the biggest world events.

Republic Digital has been a storm on social media. Its performance across social media platforms not only steers conversations with India but has taken the Network to become a medium of choice and habit across the global audience.

On Meta platforms, Republic’s estimated audience size is one that soars over the 518 million mark, only on English, Hindi and Bangla languages. Republic has repeatedly breached record engagement rates, with its digital video content driving conversations on Facebook. Instagram has witnessed Republic Digital piloting innovative content formats to cater to evolving interests and requirements of the new-age user.

With 5 million followers and an estimated 100 million impressions per month on Twitter, now X, Republic’s popularity is unmatched. Republic has been the only news operation to have a daily impact on news events vis-a-vis conversation generation. The Network's newsbreaks and hashtags have trended night-after-night consistently steering the conversation on national and international affairs on social media. These trends regularly hit critical mass, going on to become worldwide trends.

Republic Digital caters to content across various categories-- from international politics to hyperlocal content, from Sports to Entertainment, from informed Business content for a global audience to the fastest news updates across the Health, Climate and Technology verticals.

Republic Digital's focus on deep reportage of global events from global locations - the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, the Ukraine War reportage, the COVID-origin investigation from Wuhan, instability in Pakistan, and India's growing dominance at the most prestigious diplomatic stages- has ensured that Republic Digital has cultivated a large global base and following, even before the launch of its on-air global operation.

Digital Streams of Republic Television channels are available on the following distribution platforms.



Republic Media Network presently has 4 broadcast news channels-- Republic TV (in English), Republic Bharat (in Hindi), Republic Bangla (in Bengali) and Republic Kannada (in Kannada). Republic Media Network is among the largest distributed broadcast news Networks in the country, reaching over 438 million across India in 2023. The Network, on broadcast, presently beams to viewers across the USA, UK, the Middle East, the North Africa Region, and Canada.

Republic TV is the English News vertical of the Republic Media Network. Republic TV is a free-to-air news channel. It was the first channel of the Network to launch and did so, amidst much anticipation, on 6 May 2017.Republic TV holds the record of being India’s only broadcast news operation that has attained and maintained the number 1 spot in terms of viewership since its week of launch.

Republic TV’s ratings and uninterrupted run as India’s most watched has breached the 50% viewership mark across the day, and touchdown on an 80% viewership pan India on its flagship super primetime show ‘The Debate with Arnab Goswami’.

Republic Bharat, the Hindi news vertical of the Network, was launched on 2 February 2019. With the slogan ‘Rashtra ke Naam’, the Hindi news channel has broken toppled all the legacy players in the Hindi news market with its unwavering focus on hard news. Republic Bharat’s ratings reached the top of the charts vis-a-vis BARC ratings across India, across the day, as well as across primetime slots.

Republic Bangla is the Bengali news vertical of the Republic Media Network, and was launched on 7 March 2021. Adopting the slogan "Kotha Hobey Chokhe Chokh Rekhe" (কথা হবে চোখে চোখ রেখে) (we will now see eye to eye), Republic Bangla in record time has climbed to the top of the ratings charts, besides becoming a household name across rural and urban Bengal.

Republic Kannada is the Kannada news operation of the Network and will be on-air soon. It is the youngest channel to be added to the rapidly-growing basket of news operations by Republic Media Network. Republic Kannada’s launch slogan ‘ ನೇರ ಮಾತು ಕಣ್ಣಲ್ಲಿ ಕಣ್ಣಿಟ್ಟು’ ('Nera Maathu, Kannalli Kannittu' or ‘Straight-Talk, Eye-to-Eye’) thunders an unequivocal message that it will be the platform of the people, for the people and by the people to look at the powers that be in the eye and do the straight talk.

Republic Kannada’s announcement came on the back of a massive strategic asset acquisition by Republic Media Network in September 2023.

Chairman and Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami has declared that the Network will broadcast across Indian languages. The Editor-in-Chief announced at the network’s second Republic Summit that, “Republic Media Network will publish and broadcast in all major Indian language”.

Goswami has also stated the Network’s ambition to launch a global news operation out of India. In an interview in May, 2019, the Editor-in-Chief of the Republic Media Network said, “I am getting closer and closer to my global aspiration. I have set up a team that is analysing how we will grow in that space. The big global news company that was missing from India will be launched very soon”.


Republic Media Network’s Founder, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief Arnab Ranjan Goswami leads the first independent journalist controlled news company in India of its scale. Goswami’s own vision for a global news network to emerge out of the world’s most vibrant democracy is in motion with the rapid growth at unmatched scale of Republic Media Network.

Goswami has risen through the ranks and spent more than 2 decades doing the news in various newsrooms across print and broadcast, before breaking away to launch India’s most successful news business operation with Republic. Goswami’s Republic Media Network presently owns and operates four top broadcast news channels along with a massive multi-linguistic digital operation-- Republic Digital.

As a journalist, Goswami has been India’s most-watched news anchor for over a decade and a half that has touched down on record-viewership of 80% during his primetime show. He is known for his incisive style of questioning, his depth of content on air in his questioning, his dynamic style of on-air debate and his investigative style of reporting. Goswami, aside from his Debate format primetime shows, is known for interviews that have changed both the political landscape in India as well as set global news headlines.

Goswami is also the current President of the governing board of the News Broadcasters Federation (NBF), which is India’s largest association of news channels from every region of India.

Arnab Goswami, upon completion of his schooling in Jabalpur, graduated in Sociology from Hindu College, Delhi University. He went on to get his Masters in Social Anthropology from St Antony’s College, Oxford University in 1994, where he was a Felix Scholar. Arnab Goswami has been a Visiting Fellow at the International Studies Department at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge University.

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